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Nana started young in Tokyo learning skills and techniques for mentors on the job.

Watching traditional society and trends mix informed her approach to the limitless possibilities of makeup and materials that she dreamed of.

In 2015 she decided to relocate to NYC where her influences would come together with the variety of cultures, tastes, and collaborators she sought after. Make up is beauty, expression, ideas, and experiment.

She works not only with cosmetics but also with concept materials to push the creativity and keep things playful.

Nana works editorial, beauty, and advertising worldwide and enjoys pitching looks for project shoots.




VOGUE UA,   L'officiel Mexico,  The CUT /New York Magazine ,

NYLON,   Wonderland Magazine,   Oyster Magazine,   ONE Magazine,

Schon Magazine,   D4 Magazine,   Kaltblut Magazine,   YOKO Magazine, CREAM Magazine,   Cause Magazine,  Solstice Magazine, CAKE Magazine,  Ellements Magazine,  Borealis Magazine,   Commission Magazine, Institute Magazine,   Metal Magazine,    Imute Magazine,     

Mia Le Journal ,    HUF Magazine,   Drunk Magazine,  JUDAS Magazine,

Elegant Magazine,   Factice Magazine,   Fucking Young Magazine,  

Darkbeauty Magazine,  MEOW Magazine,







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